We invest in founders building businesses in Western Colorado.

Whether you're an experienced investor, or you've never heard of angel investing, we've got a spot for you. ↓

The angel club for everyone.

Angel networks have historically been restricted to accredited investors.
That means the great majority of our community was locked out of participation. We make it possible for anyone to invest in Colorado founders.

💪 Support awesome founders.

We're the answer to the lack of funding access for early stage startups in Western Colorado.

🎉 Attend funding parties.

We take over a local brewery to highlight active investments, meet other members, and even invest live.

💸 Invest as little as $100.

With our low investment minimum, you can support multiple business each year. Expect 2 to 4 deals per quarter. Huzzah!

Not your typical angel club.

We do a few things differently to give angel investing the greatest impact for our rural Colorado communities.

  • We are open to all. We welcome both experienced accredited investors and enthusiastic unaccredited investors-to-be.

  • We are member-led. We've built member participation into every part of the club. You're invited to get involved with active roles in local chapters.

  • We invest in both high-growth and local-scale businesses. We do this by offering different financing structures to match each kind of business. Come ready to learn!

  • We do not take carry on investments. This means we do not take a cut of your investment returns. We make our own investments along side you.

Make a difference with us.

👋 Hi, I'm Spencer Ingram, the director for WCA. I grew up in a small rural community where I watched the first stoplights pop up.Leaving my hometown took me around the world to help founders get funded in under-invested markets. I loved this work, and folks said I'm gosh-darn good at it.But I didn't need to fly halfway around the world to improve access to capital. We have this challenge right here at home.

Our small town founders shouldn't have to struggle just because they don't have the networks to raise funding or the understanding of friendly capital alternatives.Building a business is hard enough. Funding shouldn't be.Together, we remove barriers to building great business in western Colorado. Even if you never invest with dollars, we invite you to help where you can.

Meet our advisory board.

Tom Benton

Colorado Mesa University Innovation Center Director

Jamie Finney

Greater Colorado Venture Fund Partner

Taylor Grande

Startup Colorado Executive Director

Bonnie Watson

Telluride Venuture Network Managing Director

Request a membership.

🚀 Become a member for $75/month

  • Start with a 1-month trial

  • Curated regional investments

  • Tools to nominate founders for funding

  • Participate in monthly screening and due diligence

  • Private forum for deal discussions and breakdowns

  • Invitation to funding parties and virtual founder Q&A

  • Join quarterly town halls to shape the direction of the club

  • Access investments beyond Western CO with our partner networks

🚨 Friend Circle Membership

Everything is better with friends. That's why we invite you to split a membership among three households.Step 1. Choose your friend circle.
Step 2. Request a friend circle membership.
Step 3. Get you membership at 1/3 the price

Read the membership FAQs.

Company Memberships

Company memberships invite you to gift memberships to your employees or executive team.Additionally, you gain visible sponsorship across our events, programs, and communication.Coming Soon.

Meet a few of our early supporters.

Take an active role in your local chapter.

Chapters are local social hubs. Get involved and gain a complimentary membership.

Are you a founder looking for funding?

Come say hello to learn about our screening process and the funding structures we offer.

Membership Invitation

Requesting an invite is not a commitment to join the Western Colorado Angels. By adding your name, you will be contacted by the Managing Director who will answer your questions.Our membership dues are $75/month or $25/month with a Friend Circle. Your first month is a no-cost trial with no commitment to join.

We'd love to meet you. Let's get started.

For Founders

More information coming soon on our screening process and what investment structures we offer. In the meantime, use the form below to introduce yourself.

Grand Valley Investors

You're invited to join accredited investors from the Grand Valley for an introduction to the Western Colorado Angels.

We are providing two evening options to better accommodate busy schedules. Both sessions meet at the CMU Innovation Center.

Membership FAQs

Is Western Colorado Angels a fund?

No. WCA does not interact with investment money. You will invest through our trusted third-party transaction platform where money will be directed to founders.

Can I be a member as an entrepreneur?

Absolutely. If seeking funding, you will follow the same screening process for all candidates. You will have the benefit of building relationships with club members.

How do I get a return on my investment?

That depends on what type of financing you participate in: debt vs equity. We provide education on how each deal structure works so you can decide how to build your portfolio.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

You will no longer have access to member benefits. Any investments you made are unaffected by your membership status.

Can I invest as a business or trust?

Yes. You can connect any account from which you want to transfer funds. We recommend speaking with an accountant on what is best for you.

What is the time commitment?

We provide investment education, events, candidate discussions, and active investments each month where you can choose your level of engagement.

What if an investment is full before I can invest?

Investments are open to all members as first come basis. If a round is filling quickly, you will need to act accordingly.

Will anyone know if I'm a member?

Only if you tell them. WCA does not provide an accessible list of members.

What happens after I make an investment?

We work with business to provide quarterly performance updates to investors including relevant repayments or dividends.

What happens if a business does not survive?

You may or may not get any money returned depending on a number conditions. Investing in early-stage businesses is inherently risky. Only invest what you are comfortable with.

What if I change my mind on an investment?

You may increase, decrease, or ask for your commitment to be refunded BEFORE a round closes. After the investment is processed, you are committed.

Is Western Colorado Angels a nonprofit?

No. WCA is an LLC established to manage membership dues and operating costs. We have a board of advisors and provide monthly operating reports to members.

Build your local hub.

Chapters offer hands-on roles to bring more funding, events, and resources to your community.As a bonus, Chapter roles come with a full complimentary membership. Note that you can be WCA member without participating in a chapter.

👀 Scouts

You help find and nominate businesses seeking funding. Scouts collectively discuss candidates to make at least one nomination per month.

Up to 5 Scouts per chapter.

🔍 Analysts

You help the Managing Director review businesses seeking funding in order to advance as finalists candidates.

Up to 3 Analysts per chapter.

🎟 Event Producers

You host monthly social events for local members to connect, learn, and meet founders seeking funding.

Up to 2 Event Producers per chapter.

💸 Funding Producers

You assist local founders with setting up and executing their fundraising campaigns.

Up to 2 Funding Producers per chapter.

🚀 Accelerator Guides

Our accelerator programs provide hands-on support and micro-grants to selected entrepreneurs. Role details coming soon.

# of positions TBD

💻 Advanced Industries Reviewers

We help the state review candidates to receive grant monies pertaining to select industries. These positions are selected with state approval and are only performed twice a year.

# of positions determined by the State.

Grand Valley Chapter

Our first chapter is home to the largest community in western Colorado and plays host to the Greater Colorado Pitch Series.

Your Chapter Lead
Lexi Van Roekel

Lead Sponsor

Start A Chapter In Your Town

Put your community on the map. Chapter leads are magnetic community builders who are often entrepreneurs themselves.

Brandon Moynihan

Seed Angel Forum Director & ZOMA Capital

Shawn Bertini

Four Points Funding Partner


Startup Colorado Director